All About Freestyle BMX Riding

If you’re wondering about freestyle BMX riding, you should know that it’s a tradition that started in the 1970’s. Of course, while most people who are in their thirties and above would remember the fast-paced action of BMX stunts, people who were born later wouldn’t remember.

If you’re a member of the millenial group, you’re probably wondering what BMX even is. Well, the only thing you really need to know is that BMX is a brand of bicycles. Unlike other bicycle brands, however, it’s built so that you can actually do some acrobatics while riding it.

Freestyle BMX riding is a bicycle stunt riding event on BMX bikes. It’s an extreme sport that descended from BMX racing that includes five disciplines: vert,street, park, trails, and flat land.

Freestyling could be tracked to 1975 when kids began cycling in concrete reservoir channels in North Park, California. And, bicyclists were observed in 1976 riding at the California Carlsbad Skatepark.

Skate boarder Magazine released photos of youngsters on bikes traveling in empty pools in 1975.

John Swanguen and Bob Haro rode BMX bikes at a concrete skate park in North Park, California at the end of 1976. Later they changed freestyle by creating new bike stunts on flat roads.

In 1977 Bob Haro was hired like a staff artist at BMX Action Magazine where he befriended R.L. Osborn, boy from the magazine writer Bob Osborn. Haro and R.L. frequently practiced freestyle moves within their spare time.

Within the summer time of 1978, Vital, Lakewood, along with other Los Angeles skate parks started arranging periods or whole days solely for BMX bikes. BMX racer Mess Juarez was finding freestyle moves in vert bowls.

Right now BMX freestyle events are still around and if you want to watch an event, you absolutely can.