All About Freestyle BMX Riding

To some people, freestyle BMX riding would seem nothing short of suicide as it is an extreme sport that has daredevils doing stunts with their BMX bikes.

If you’re wondering, it’s really nothing new. The sport started in the 1970s and has thrived since then. While it’s not as popular as other extreme sports, it does have a loyal following, especially those who favor bicycles over skateboards.

As an extreme biking event, freestyle BMX riding is definitely something for the weak-hearted. The sport has five types: flat land, trails, parks, street and vertical. These types simply refer to the terrain that the stunts are being executed.

Anyway, I would never for the life of me consider doing a BMX stunt simply because it’s too dangerous.

Anyway, the game of BMX riding was at its most popular from 1980 until 1987. Throughout this time around period, the game advanced with new bike models being launched constantly, in addition to new components and add-ons designed strictly for freestyle biking. For instance, some companies every year consistently with blazing graphical colors, change and new frame designs.

In early the nineteen nineties, BMX freestyle experienced a loss of its commercial recognition subsequently numerous large companies reduced or ended their support of the game. Because of this, biker started to redefine the game according to their personal needs and interests, paving the way for BMX biking to become a largely biker-centered industry. This decline and subsequent new phase from the sport’s development into an individually driven industry was noted by many industry experts.

Despite its loss of popularity, however, this extreme sports continues to have a legion of fans and enthusiasts and it is possible to find a BMX event in your area. Just search for it online on Google or another search engine.