Freestyle BMX Riding for Adrenaline Junkies

Freestyle BMX riding is the ultimate thrill for adrenalin junkies and anyone who is crazy and talented enough to give it a go. The different disciplines involved in the sport, yes, it is a sport are:

Street Riding – this involves doing tricks on or over any obstacle you might find in a typical street. The original BMX bikes were pretty heavy but that made some of the moves extremely difficult so these days they are manufactured to be as light as possible.

Flatland BMX Riding – is exactly as you would imagine, performing tricks on your BMX (bicycle motor cross) on a flat piece of land. It’s just you and the bike without any obstacles to jump over, ramp up, twist off or anything else. This is extremely popular because you can do it anywhere – just so long as it’s flat.

Dirt Jumping – there are two different forms of dirt jumping in freestyle BMX riding – there’s dirt jumping and trail riding. Trails are tracks where there are a collection of dirt jumps to navigate and dirt jumping is the sort of thing you might love to watch at the BMX games – just one or two enormous jumps over which riders try to fit in as many airborne tricks as they possibly can. Trail riders love to spend their time riding around the woods. Dirt bikes don’t usually have any foot pegs unlike street and flatland bikes – they are just the vehicle to get the rider as high as possible and do as many tricks as possible.

Ramp and Park – is when the BMW rider does tricks in a specially built ramp park and are often shared with skateboarders. Ramps parks are sometimes made of concrete, wood or aluminum.

Whichever type of BMX freestyle riding you do it’s a terrific but often scary way to get your kicks.